2022: New benefits within care

In July of 2021 the Bundestag has decided on a new Care Reform Act.

The first regulations already came into effect, the majority will follow on the first of January 2022. The corresponding law provides financial relief for residents of nursery homes and the better payment of nursing staff, among other things.

Aside from an improvement regarding the working conditions for nursing staff, the new small Care Reform Act 2021/22 mostly tends towards the financial relief of care recipients.

The important facts in short form:

  • Outpatient care:

If the care at home is organized through a care service, there will be some more money available for that purpose next year. The contributions for non-cash benefits will increase by 5% and rise to 724 Euros, 1.363 Euros, 1.693 Euros, respectively 2.095 Euros per month (care degree 2 to 5).

  • Inpatient care:

Nursing home residents will receive a differentiated benefit amount (“Leistungszuschlag”) starting 01/01/22, which increases with the length of stay in the nursing home. The Pflegekasse (long-term care insurance) therefore takes on 5% of the care-related co-payment in the first year, 25% in the second and 45% in the third year. After that 70% are financed by the insurance.

  • Short-term care:

The differentiated benefit amount for short-term care will increase by 10% starting 01/01/22. The new amount for short-term care will be 1.774 Euros.

  • Intermediate care:

If there is a planned discharge from the hospital but there are no places available in short-term care, rehab, or no possibilities of care at home, up to 10 days of intermediate care can be utilized in the particular hospital.

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