General principle

Make work-life balance possible

We provide companies and their employees with consultation and support with all questions regarding work-life balance.

It is our aim to act promptly on the individual problematic situations of the employees and their families and to provide fitting solutions through our qualified staff.

We cater to the needs of our clients flexibly.
Respect towards our clients and their employees, trustful interaction as well as tact and discretion lead our way.

Our solutions are economical for the companies and easily accessible for the employees. Neutrality and independence are our top priority. The needs of the persons concerned rank first regarding the range of support, care, and consultation arrangements.

We are accountable to advance our products and consultation performances continuously to perform high-quality support.

The qualification, motivation and communication of our staff is an essential requirement for our companies’ success. This includes making the work-life balance a viable option for our employees.

We attach great importance to the occupational safety and health protection of our employees.

The work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for women and men. We encourage companies regarding their social responsibility with our Viva FamilyService, support sustainable personnel policy and simultaneously foster the family friendliness in our society.

How may we support you?

Service hotline
For our clients and their employees
069 34879882-0

Inquiries for companies
For questions or interest in our services
06074 918800

You can find us in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin.


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