Our company

Only those who enjoy their work do it well.
Each of us is on the job with attention to detail and the aspiration for absolute accuracy. You can count on us.

Violetta Reimelt

M.A. Social Management | Business graduate
Managing director

Antonia Reimelt

Deputy managing director

Our aspiration

Customized solutions for companies and their employees – we won’t settle for less.

Our experience

For over ten years we offer our extensive consultation and support arrangements to companies nationwide.

Our team

Social workers, nursing consultants, dementia professionals and social managers – and everyone has kids of their own.

How may we support you?

Service hotline
For our clients and their employees
069 34879882-0

Inquiries for companies
For questions or interest in our services
06074 918800


You can find us in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin.


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