Return to standart time – Becoming unbalanced?

When the clocks go back by one hour to CET (Central European Time) next weekend, we will be “gifted” one hour (although it was also taken away from us in the spring). This change will nevertheless affect the well-being of many people. According to a Forsa- survey, comissioned by the DAK...

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Driving in older age- How do I talk to my parents?

The desire of driving a car by yourself doesn’t go away with old age. It is an important sign of being autonomic and independent. To refrain from driving would mean a great sacrifice regarding independency especially for older people and the admission: I am old for real. And who would like to admit...

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Start of daycare: Tips for successfully settling-in

Maybe you feel stressed by all the change, or maybe you are pretty relaxed? No matter how you feel- all feelings and anxieties are allowed and sound. We want to give you tips and suggestions regarding the start of daycare, to make it as relaxed as possible for you and your child. The preliminary talk...

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Tips for relatives of people with dementia

More and more people are suffering from dementia. Currently, there are around 1.7 million people affected in Germany, and around 40,000 more are diagnosed every year. The diagnosis does not only affect the ill ones themselves, but also poses a challenge for the relatives. Dementia, as translated...

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What is cultural sensitive care?

The proportion of patients and residents who are from different cultural environments is constantly increasing in hospitals, care institutions and outpatient care. Why now? One reason is the first generation of so-called foreign workers, which came to Germany in the 1950s to 1970s. Originally their...

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