Capable help in nursing cases


Capable help in nursing cases


A nursing case often catches relatives unprepared. They need immediate answers regarding urgent questions and professional support.

Individual consultancy

We answer all questions – from applications through dementia to grant opportunities by care insurances.

Customized solutions

We research help, support, and care solutions nationwide.

Care Navigator

We search for residential and semi-residential care, combined with 48 hours space guarantee.


We establish contacts to local specialists, e.g., dementia counselling, care networks, social counselling services.

Expert service

We offer support with assessments, inspection of care requirements, and successfully supervise contradictions.

Viva Check

We review concepts, offers and costs brought up by local care providers.

How may we support you?

Service hotline
For our clients and their employees
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Inquiries for companies
For questions or interest in our services
06074 918800

You can find us in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin.


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