Parental allowance reform – “Elterngeldreform” -Alterations beginning 09/01/21

By reforming the parental allowance (“Elterngeld”), the flexibility shall be increased, partnership shall be supported, and the bureaucracy shall be simplified.

The new guidelines apply for parents, whose kids are born as of the first of September 2021.

The following changes come into effect:

More part-time options: instead of 30 hours employment per week to date, the permitted worktime gets raised to 32 hours per week.

– The partnership bonus gets more flexible: Parents with part-time can work between 24 and 32 hours per week (to date 25-30 hours per week.)

– In case of premature birth (six week or earlier before the estimated date of birth) parents receive additional parental allowance months (at a max of four months).

– The income limit for obtaining parental allowance (“Elterngeld”) gets reduced to 300.000 Euro per year (to date 500.000 Euro per year). That means that parents who together earn 300.000 Euro or less can obtain parental allowance(“Elterngeld”). For single parents the limit is still 250.000 Euro per year.

You can find the most important information regarding parental allowance under


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