Return to standart time – Becoming unbalanced?

When the clocks go back by one hour to CET (Central European Time) next weekend, we will be “gifted” one hour (although it was also taken away from us in the spring). This change will nevertheless affect the well-being of many people. According to a Forsa- survey, comissioned by the DAK in 2019, almost 30% of people have health complaints due to the time change.

The time change causes our internal clock to be out of balance, which disrupts the bio-rhythm and rhythm of life.

More than three quarters of those surveyed who have already experienced problems, feel exhausted and tired, followed by problems with falling asleep and sleep disturbances (65%). With 70% of those affected, women in particular suffer due to the change. Children and babies also often have difficulties, as they are much less able to adjust their internal clock than adults.

The DAK has compiled some tipps and assistance to make the change as manageable as possible and to prevent further problems.

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